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Did you ever wake up on a Monday morning, thought about all the things you have to do before Friday and then crawled back in bed, wishing you were 5 years old again?

That was the age when you only went to school half a day, and your days were spent coloring pictures of apples and fire engines, playing tag with your best friend MJ, watching the kid across the room eat paste, and where your only worry was trying to keep the mean girls from stealing the cookies your mom sent you for break time. (Which by the way, when Mom found out about that weeks later, she went down to the school and put an end to that right away!)

Those were the days when you sang songs in class about school buses and leaves falling, played games of seven up so the teacher could finally have some quiet time, daydreamed about your heroes the Lone Ranger and Superman, and when all was said and done, went back home to drive around in your Big Wheel, pretending to chase down imaginary bad guys. Those where the days when a hug from mom and dad made everything better and you didn't have a care in the world.