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All eyes are on the Gulf and Hurricane Rita as she edges her way towards us.

If there was ever an unwelcome guest, Rita is it.

I'm a pretty patient person most of the time, but not today. I'm anxious, nervous and hate the fact that I have to wait and see if next week I'll still be around to type up nonsense about how much I love my iPod, cheese-shaped USB drives and my obsession with mittens.

I'll be in town this afternoon, trying to see if I can still find bottled water, canned goods and a leash for Mango. (You didn't think I would leave her behind now did you?)

I was thinking of what I need to take with me if we have to leave, the only thing that comes to mind are treasured photographs of my family, friends, and our wedding day.

I'm not even worried about material things or my home. I've got a husband, father-in-law and cat I've got to get out of this town. My parents live in a neighboring town and may leave also, we'll probably all be in the same place waiting out Rita.

As long as I have my family, I am happy. It's true what they say, home is where the heart is.