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My head hurts.

It's been hurting since yesterday when I was in town trying to get a few supplies before we leave.

My first stop was at Pet Connection to get a small pet carrier for our cat, Mango. Good thing I went when I did, because it seems like 5 other people had the same idea. As soon as I put one carrier down I had looked at and decided it was too big, another person came up right behind me and bought it. I finally found one of the last small carriers I was looking for. By the time I left most of the pet carriers in the store had been purchased.

Next I went over to Drug Emporium to get water and the other things they tell you to stock up on. Yes, I found water, they had about six of the gallon bottles left. I bought four. I was going to take them all but while I was standing there an older woman came up and asked if that was all the water that was left. I said yes and before I put any in my cart I let her pick out some bottles for herself. I didn't want to hoard it. She only took two gallons, so I got what was left.

When I got home my head was starting to hurt more, people all over were talking about the hurricane, water was running out in the stores, and gas lines were long. I got home and tried to get my mind off of things by watching TV, but I couldn't concentrate. Not even if the new season of The Office was starting, I half-watched it while looking up the latest coordinates for Rita on my laptop.

It wasn't looking good. The storm was getting stronger and headed right at us. If a Category 4 were to hit here, I doubt our home would withstand it. So I started packing. One suitcase for clothes, the other for things I didn't want to leave behind: our wedding photos and videos, a copy of our wedding invitation I saved, my college diploma, photos of my husband as a child, my sister's graduation video, photos of my parents.

Then when I realized what I was doing, what I was packing for, a trip with perhaps no return...I broke down. It didn't last long, maybe just a minute or two, but it happened, and it probably needed to. A catharsis of sort. They are only things I tell myself, another home can be found, you can always buy new things, the important thing is that you have yourself and your family. I keep telling myself that, because that is probably all I will have left if this thing turns out as bad as they say.

To all my family and friends out there, I will try to keep in touch. We are going to stay with family out near San Antonio, and if they have Internet I will let you know how things are with us. I hope we don't get any really bad weather out there, but we are prepared for the worst. That is all you can do, prepare, wait and take aspirin because my head is still hurting.