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I felt a level of fear I hope I will never feel again. It was last Wednesday as I packed up our things in preparation for our mandatory evacuation out of Victoria.

I was in our living room putting my favorite pair of jeans in my suitcase and was watching the local news. An official from Calhoun County was being interviewed and he was talking about the mandatory evacuation for the county. The reporter was asking what they would do about those who decided to ride out the storm. The official said that for those who decided to stay, to please get a Sharpie and write their name and Social Security numbers on their stomachs. This will help us identify the bodies the official said matter-of-factly.

That is when I said to myself, this is serious, they aren't playing around.

As I said before, we were spared this time, but I'm starting to rethink living in an area vulnerable to hurricanes. Wonder if there is a safe place to live in this country?

So to review the past week, there was a lot of worrying, praying, pacing, packing and traveling. No one was hurt and nothing was lost (except for some peace of mind).