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The Jazz It Up Festival starts this week in Victoria. There will be a variety of events, including a performance by the Victoria Symphony, a dinner and jazz concert with Bob Gallarza and Friends and student competitions.

There is one event that is of interest to me: Son 7, a salsa jazz band from San Antonio will perform at an outdoor concert on Thursday, Apr. 20 from 8 to 10 p.m. at the DeLeon Plaza in downtown Victoria.

The official link to the jazz festival is here:

Victoria Jazz It Up Festival

However, I would not pay attention to the date listed on the Web page, because there is obviously a typo in the year.

It would be impossible for anyone to attend on the date listed...unless someone could create a robotic clone of every one of us. Another possibility is if the whole cryonics experiment thing pans out, then Ted Williams,Walt Disney and I will see you in a few thousand years at the jazz festival. We'll be the ones levitating on our lounge-pods, chugging down food pills and ingesting liquids through our pores. Should be fun.