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A while back I talked about podcasts. If you missed that entry,
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. Now that we all more of less have a good idea of what those are, let me talk about vodcasts.

What is a vodcast?
From - Vodcast (por. 'video podcast') is an emerging term used for the online delivery of video on demand video clip content via Atom

or RSS enclosures. The term is an evolution specialized for video, coming from the generally audio-based podcast and referring to Video On Demand (VOD) and

(web-, narrow-, broad-) casting where the RSS feed is used as a non-linear TV channel to which consumers can subscribe using a PC, TV, set-top box, media

center or mobile multimedia device).

Ok, did anyone understand what that meant? That went over my head too. Basically a vodcast is just a podcast that is in a video format.

According to Wikipedia, "Vodcasting took off in the Netherlands, for several reasons. First, over 60% of the Dutch have broadband Internet of 1 Mbit/s and

faster so there's a large potential audience for on-demand video services. Second, vodcasting was pioneered and promoted by Dutch streaming specialist at Video blogging was promoted by from Amsterdam."

There are several vodcasts that are available online, most are free to download, although there are some that you have to pay for.

You don't need the new iPod(5th generation) with video to watch a vodcast. I don't have

one of the new iPods (3rd generation owner here), because I must

spend my cash on things like tuition and textbooks. Maybe one day, one day, my friends. But the 5th gens are so awesome! So pretty, so shiny, so video-ey

(that's not even a word!)...sigh

Ahem, what was I saying? Ah, yes, to watch these vodcasts you do not need an iPod, as long as you have the required media player installed, such as iTunes

or Quicktime, you can download the vodcasts and watch them on your computer.

The great thing about vodcasts is that you have a visual aspect added to a podcast, and this creates all sorts of possiblities.

Thinking about what to cook for dinner? I am a visual learner, so the few cookbooks I have sit there collecting dust. Ok, so that is also due to the fact

that I hate to cook, but I digress. A vodcast that shows step-by-step instructions on a recipe is probably just the incentive I need to roll up my sleeves

and step into the kitchen. During my search for a cooking video podcast, I didn't find much. I did, however, find one vodcast that is great and

entertaining, Crash Test This vodcast is created by Waz and Lenny, and although

they claim not to be professional chefs, you can learn a lot by their examples. I enjoyed watching this vodcast because they are not stuffy,

we-know-everything-about food types, nor do their creations always end in perfection. They make mistakes and document them, and have fun in the process.

I found some vodcasts of interest (and which are also family-friendly, meaning you can watch them within earshot of the kids) that are available on iTunes.

All of these vodcasts are free. If you want to download iTunes here is a link.

ABC World News Tonight
The day's national and internation news, tech notes, pop culture tidbits, sports and top internet searches. Taped live every day.

href="">Apple Student Gallery - John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Apple
Student Gallery

Rolling R's: Free Video Spanish Lessons
Let's all learn Spanish, it's fun, non-threatening and


Learn Excel from Mr

Learn Microsoft Excel from Bill Jelen with this daily 2 minute video podcast.

Addicted to Salsa This is dedicated

to the latin dance, not the spicy sauce.

If you have iTunes, to find the video podcasts open up the iTunes Music Store (found within iTunes), click on the "Podcast" link found on the left under

the "Inside the Music Store" section, then click on the video podcast category. Enjoy the shows!