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Germs, bacteria and other icky things will always be around to tramautize me (I'm a major germaphobe), but maybe, just maybe, this mouse will help combat some of my fears.

The “M-ABUR” series USB mouse from Elecom Corporation uses for the first time an anti-bacterial medicine resin which prevents the multiplication of the bacteria.

With anti-bacterial processing the mouse prevents bacteria formation when using for a long time. You have a fresh bacteria free mouse all the time. The USB Elecom M-ABUR series mouse is available in four pleasing colors-Blue/Orange/ Pink/Green.

The 800dpi mouse comes with 1.5m cable length, measures 58.4×95×35mm and weighs 88g.The anti-bacterial processed mouse shaped like soap will be available by late August for approximately 3,780 Yen ($33). Via Elecom - Japan.

Speaking of germs, word to the wise, never touch the back part of the chairs at movie theaters. I went to watch a movie the other day, and to my horror saw someone take off their shoes (they weren't wearing socks), and put their bare feet on the back of the chair in front of them. Is it just me, or isn't that kinda nasty? I know the bottom of a shoe probably has even more germs than the bottom of a foot, but still, ew. Maybe it's my germaphobe tendencies, but that whole scene made me want to lose my lunch.