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An Ashkelon, Israel based company Integrity Applications has developed a noninvasive glucometer that "combines three independent technologies that are operated simultaneously to provide an accurate and reliable on-the-spot reading of glucose levels in the blood. The technologies include ultrasound, conductivity, and heat capacity." Also according to the article, the Phase 2 clinical trials of the device are to begin in Israel, the US and Spain in the next couple of months.

The company is still hush-hush about its technology. But here's what's known. The device measures glucose levels via an ear clip. The device needs to be recalibrated only once a month and can support up to 3 users, each with an individual earring unit.

Here is a photo of a prototype:

And here is a photo of a future version of the device:

I am not diabetic, but know several people that are or who have to check their blood sugar many times throughout the day. A device like this would be great for them.