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Unless you were out of town or just hate having fun, you were probably outside taking hundreds of photos around December 24 and 25 of 2004. Not because of the holidays, but because that was the day it snowed in Victoria. I mean really snowed. Ahh, good times.

Well time to dust off those photos, upload, download, scan, whatever you need to do because H-E-B is hosting a snow photo contest.

Source: Victoria Advocate

H-E-B is calling on amateur and professional photographers for another round of South Texas snow photographs in its second snow photo contest.

Five by seven inch photographs of snow can be dropped off at any area H-E-B Photo Lab by March 5.

Photos from the first contest were used in the book "Snow: The South Texas Miracle 2004." A similar book is slated to be released before Christmas.

Entry forms and guidelines can be found at any H-E-B Photo Lab or at

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