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This year the Winter Olympics will begin Feb. 10 in Turin, Italy. I envy those who are able to attend and participate. I always secretly wished I could be in the Olympics. Snowboarding would be something I would like to compete in.

It's no secret I've never been much of an athlete. I was the runny-nosed kid in gym class that always had a doctor's note excusing them from activities for the rest of the year.

The few times I did get to participate in class, well, lets say my performance was lackluster to say the least. But I sure could do a chin-up like nobody's business. We once had a competition in my P.E. class (that's what we call gym down here) to see who could stay up the longest doing a chin-up and believe it or not I won. I beat out this husky girl who lit hair spray torches in health class. Sure that girl could probably beat the stuffing out of me but hey, if the day ever came in my life when I needed to hold my chin up above a pole for over a minute, I had her beat.

Back to the Winter Olympics. I am looking forward to watching the snowboarding competition. It's a fun sport to watch and I've always wanted to go snowboarding. How hard can it be to slide around on the snow? Kids do it all the time on sleds and on garbage can lids. It should be a piece of cake.

So I thought.

I tried my hand at snowboarding the winter of 2004 in New Hampshire up in Bretton Woods, near Mount Washington. No I didn't try snowboarding on that mountain or I wouldn't be here typing this post today. Let's just say I'm glad I came back home in one piece.

I found out some interesting things during that day snowboarding. First, always keep both your feet strapped onto the snowboard or else you'll be doing some crazy splits that could leave you barren. Second, get someone to teach you how to snowboard, preferably a professional instructor. Most resorts have a class you can take that is free or included with your rental. It's worth it. You learn valuable things like how to fall down properly. That is a good one to keep to memory because there will be a lot of falling.

So how did I do? Was I a fast learner, did I impress everyone at the resort and then Olympic scouts were called out to watch me tear it up on the slopes?

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This is pretty much the highlight of my snowboarding experience.

I was horrible. After I had a few bad falls I didn't really want to try it anymore. My Olympic dreams were shattered...but not any bones thank goodness. I came away from the experience cold, sore and a little wiser. Things aren't always as easy as they seem, but at least I tried a new experience and I still had fun. My husband picked it up right away and he did well snowboarding so there may be some more trips in store for the future. I'll have to summon up the courage to give it a go again, and make sure to have a steady supply of pain relievers on hand.