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This week I am featuring a guest blogger here on TS, his name is alexigente. Here is an entry written by him. Enjoy!

While many associate Pink Floyd with Dark Side of the Moon, “space rock” and long songs that are all connected both musically and thematically –known as the concept album— the band had a very different genesis. As one of its founders, and as its songwriter and lead guitarist, Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett was that genesis.

Don´t get me wrong. Dark Side of the Moon and its predecessor Meddle are both masterpieces. But Syd´s songwriting and influence on the band brought with it a complex simplicity during the height of psychedelic rock.

Take “Bike” and “See Emily Play” (my personal favorites), or even the album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Listening to those you´d ask yourself, "Is this really Pink Floyd?"

Unfortunately, after his departure from the Floyd in 1968, he became a recluse, not wanting much to do with the music he created. And just as the songs he wrote and performed hardly resembled the later compositions of his former bandmates, so did Syd's own resemblance to his former self. Mental and physical illness took its toll on him, and on July 7th, Syd Barrett died, aged 60.

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So, what's your favorite Pink Floyd song or album, even if it is post-Syd?