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I used to be into video games when I was a kid. From Pac-Man, to old school Mattel handheld games and an Atari purchased at garage sales, a Nintendo console and the orginal Gameboy, I played a ton of games. I was never really any good at playing though, but I stuck with it.

Then I got older. The games were handed down to my younger sibling, money spent on new games was used instead for gas money for my first car, school clothes, makeup and CDs. I grew up, grew out of video games and never looked back.

That is until the latest from Nintendo: the DS Lite.

The DS Lite is not only aimed at the usual gaming community, but it is for non-gamers as well. Not convinced? Well I bought one, if that is proof enough.

What is the appeal for us non-gamers?

Nintendo's Touch Generations games.

Not a hard core gamer? That's OK. If you have a couple minutes to spare, you can play a quick game of Tetris DS or Magnetica, take your Nintendogs for a walk or play music by touching Electroplankton. You can even exercise your brain with Big Brain Academy and Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. Touch Generations games are easy to play and fun for anyone.

To see what I'm talking about, go to the Touch Generation Web site, read up on the current game I'm hooked on, Brain Age, one of the hottest games for the Nintendo DS. How old is your brain?