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Finally, the Olympics are over.

I am not a big fan of the Olympics. There is only so much figure skating I can watch before I feel the urge to punch someone in the neck. This year the only Olympic activities I enjoyed watching were the snowboarding competition. No violent tendencies created by that sport.

I was glad when the Olympics ended on Sunday because it meant NBC would return to its regular programming, and more importantly The Office would return on Thursday nights to make the last part of my week that much better.

If you haven't been watching The Office, then you must hate laughing.

The sitcom is filmed in a documentary format and chronicles the ins and outs at Dunder-Mifflin paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Steve Carell plays the part of the "unctuous regional manager Michael Scott who hosts the documentary crew on a tour of the workplace."

NBC's Office is a British import. The BBC version of Office came from the brilliant minds of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and received huge accolades not only in the UK, but in the U.S as well, winning two Golden Globe Awards in 2003(best TV comedy, best comedy actor).

In addition to writing the BBC version of Office, Gervais was also cast as David Brent, regional manager of Wernham Hogg, the fictional stationery manufacturer featured in the sitcom.

Gervais did a superb job in his portrayal of the boss who used every chance he could to entertain in front of the cameras. He also forever immortalized himself by performing a dance on the series that will be imitated by thousands and feared by millions. See example below.

Last I heard, Gervais was busy writing an episode of NBC's Office. Perhaps we'll see an American version of the David Brent dance? I can't wait to see what Gervais has cooked up for us.

Watch The Office on NBC, you won't be disappointed.

For Lori: If you don't have NBC you can watch the first season of The Office on DVD; the current season is available on iTunes, so you can watch on your computer or iPod.

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