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It was suggested today that I get over myself, and lookey here, maybe this is just the holiday I need:

Get Over It Day - March 9


What is this holiday all about? When I first heard about it, it sounded made up, or like some grand marketing scheme. I think it's the latter. And it's not the "get over it" I thought it would be.

From Abc News

Get Past Your Humiliation
March 8, 2006

Thursday, March 9, is the first national "Get Over It" day, dedicated to helping those of us who have suffered past humiliations to move on and let it go.


Atlanta entrepreneur Jeff Goldblatt created the holiday and has organized "Get Over It" parties in about a dozen cities.

His Web site,, has a message board where people can post what they are getting over. The Web site also lets people send a friend an e-mail encouraging him or her to get over something, a "Get Over It" e-card and a "Get Over It" message by cell phone. Goldblatt said he chose March 9 because it's halfway between Valentine's Day and April Fool's Day. He focuses on getting over bad relationships or marriages but said the "Get Over It" concept applied to anything.

And I'm just adding to the frenzy of this insane holiday by talking about it, but I can't resist.

Get Over It Day - official Web site

Here is a flyer for GOID- Has listings of parties and some coupons in honor of the holiday.

I have one embarrassing moment I can think of, maybe I'll use tomorrow to "get over" it. I won't go into many details, but I will say this, ever since that moment I have avoided co-ed public bathrooms. That is all I will say about that.