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Thought I'd dedicate this post to free items found online that you never really think about, but once you discover them they can really make your day.

Lego Building Instructions and Catalogs - this can be a valuable resource if you have lost the instruction booklet that comes with a Lego set.
Warning: This site has slowed down noticeably since being featured on Ahh, the Digg effect. Never heard of Digg? Check it out when you can.

Free iTunes downloads - a blog that keeps track of the free songs released at the iTunes store every Tuesday.
Found on Life

NCAA Bracket Templates - Should be handy for March Madness activities.
Found on Life

Smithsonian Zoo live cams - I know it's not the same as the real thing. But it may be entertaining on a rainy day or a day when the kids are home from school. Found on Parent

Simpsons Live - Watch the opening titles of "The Simpsons" filmed with real actors. We get to see what Bart, Homer, Marg, Lisa and Maggie would look like if they were humans. Click on the link above or watch video below.

SXSW 2006 Interactive Panels Podcasts- SXSW is currently in full swing and if you are like me and are sad you couldn't make it this year, wipe away your tears and check out these podcasts. Of interest to me is the panel by Bruce Sterling entitled "The State of the World."
Found on Life

Finally, if you are wondering what a mouse potato is, here's a definition:

mouse potato
The online version of a couch potato, as in, one who sits for an extended period of time in front of the computer screen just surfing around. Instead of using the thumb to press down on the remote control, the pointer finger is constantly called upon to "surf" from one "site" to another.