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ABC now has free streaming video of episodes of Lost, Desperate Housewives, Alias and Commander in Chief.

What has everyone excited is that ABC is now offering entire episodes, not to be confused with the episode clips that have been available on the ABC Web site for a while now.

About the streaming video itself, there are ads that are played during the episodes, but according to a review on a PC blog, there are only a few ads and they are 15 to 30 seconds long.

Once I get home (cannot view streaming video at work) I will try this out by watching last week's episode of Lost, and I will share my thoughts on this new feature.

Click on this link to go to the page with the full episodes.

UPDATE - 4/03006
So I tried this new service out at home last night. Pretty snazzy little media player, I liked it. There were no hangups during the episode of Lost, that I viewed. However, if you are still using a dial-up Internet account, DO NOT even try this streaming video. You're better off waiting until ABC repeats the episode, because that is about how long it would take to view the entire episode on your dial-up account.