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Summer time is approaching and a season of graduation ceremonies, weddings and vacations is about to go into full swing.

With these events many of us want to capture the moment by taking as many photos as we can with our digital cameras. If you are like me, you still have photos from last year's weddings and vacations on your camera.

So when it comes time to make room for the new photos by deleting the old, what to do to bring back those photos you didn't mean to delete?


Tech help site Of Zen and Computing has a tip for anyone who accidentally deleted that perfect photo from their camera’s memory card.

The free, Windows-only PC Inspector Smart Recovery software restores deleted data from your camera’s memory card. We haven’t actually tested this here at Lifehacker, but Of Zen says they recovered 100% of the accidentally erased photos from a 1 GB memory card. Sweet. PC Inspector Smart Recovery is a free download, Windows only.

Here is the link to the article on Of Zen and Computing.

Here is the link to the actual recovery software, PC Inspector Smart Recovery

I am going to test this software and come back with an update.