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It's that time of year when children eagerly await their summer vacations (which are fast approaching) and are anxious to take a break from the classroom.

While I can certainly understand the need for some rest and relaxation, that doesn't mean that just because school is out the learning has to stop. And learning can be fun, don't you know?

If any of you parents out there want to get your kids to take a break from the TV and video games for a while, try some of these activities:

  • Downloadable camera - Lighthouse in a Tree helps you build your very own downloadable, pinhole camera. To find out these type of cameras work, go to HowStuffWorks and read How does a pinhole camera work?

  • Free downloadable coloring books - For the young kids (OMG, they have My Little Pony and Muppet Babies!) or not. Print these out if you need to make an activity kit for you child. Via: Parent Hacks. UPDATE:Or you can download them, and color them on your computer with a program like Photoshop, like I did, and then print them out for your kids (or yourself. Guess who has a new addition to her office bulletin board?). They make nice little posters, or graphics for party invitations and decorations. The coloring book pages can also be made into transparencies for special projects, like tracing designs on a wall for a child's room.

  • Make your own Floam - If you don't know what Floam is then I weep for you.

  • Victoria -Outdoor Activity
    I have seen announcements on our local TV station that seem to indicate some sort of outdoor movie viewing at the Ethel Lee Tracy Park (located near the Victoria Mall). The ads said the event would take place on May 27, which is this Saturday. If anyone has any more information on this event, please let me know.

    I'll keep you updated on more fun activities for kids.