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Ahh, CliffsNotes. Sweet companions of my youth. These trusty little booklets were my life savers during high school. Why read all of Grapes of Wrath when all you had to do was read that trusty yellow and black pamphlet?

It was you CliffsNotes who saved me from the boredom of Ivanhoe, coached me through The Canterbury Tales, held my hand during The Great Gatsby, but blast you, you were not to be found for Michener's Texas!

Remember the nerds who actually read the books AND the CliffsNotes?

Oh wait, I was one of them.

Now thanks to modern technology you can access similar literary aides via a Web site called

LitSum has a collection of various literary summaries, just in time for that homework you've been procrastinating on, I mean, stories you have read previously but just need a refresher for, right?