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Eww File Case #00011
Amazing Pets "Love N' Licks Puppies"

Eww Factor: 8 (out of a possible 10 Eww point rating system)

Looks so cute and cuddly, right? WRONG!

Product description from their Web site: Love 'N Licks puppies are cuddly companions who will never want to leave your side. When you pat their heads and rub their bellies, they respond to your love and attention by getting more and more excited. Their tails move faster, they kick their hind legs, and start to bark louder and louder. And when they are truly happy, they give you a big wet kiss!

Aww, how cute. At first glance this toy looks cute and innocent enough. It barks, wags its tail and moves its legs. Awesome. If the toy makers had stopped there even I may have run out and bought one of these charming little canine droids. But as we have learned from our previous Eww File, you always have some wacky inventor who wants to push the limits of sanity. In this case the geniuses behind this little marvel decided that kids would really enjoy having a toy dog that drools on them. Choice. Because it's not a real dog-like experience unless you have a dog slobber all over you. What next? A dog that wets all over your floors and chews up your furniture?

Check out these action shots from the Amazing Pets Web site:

Innocent looking enough so far


This kid is prepared. He brought a towel.

Someone please help me, this dog is mauling my face!!

I'm sure this will be a hot seller this season. Better get one now before they sell out.