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Is your computer/laptop keyboard clean? Or is your keyboard so dirty it's nasty? You know what I'm talking about: a keyboard with beverage stains that are so old the stains have since transformed into a new chemical component, a keyboard with crumbs from last week's lunch stuck forever under the spacebar, a keyboard you would not dare turn upside-down for fear of what living life forms may emerge. That type of keyboard makes me run straight for my hand sanitizer.

Don't get me wrong, my keyboard does catch the occasional crumb from lunch and for some reason is a magnet for stray staples. So what is a person to do?

Here is a tip from Real Simple magazine on how to clean your keyboard:

Clean Your Keyboard with Transparent Tape

Original Purpose: Sealing gift wrap.
Aha! Use: Cleaning between computer keys. Slide a 2 1/2-inch strip between the rows of your keyboard. The adhesive side removes dust and crumbs.
Reward: Fewer typppppppos.

Link: Clean Your Keyboard with Transparent Tape