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This weekend I had the opportunity to do something I have wanted to do for a while. No, I didn't get to host SNL, although did you watch it this weekend? Wasn't Rainn Wilson hilarious? How about that intro? Hilarious!

Ok, back to my story. This weekend I went to an Indian restaurant.

I have been wary about trying Indian food for sometime because I never know what to order at a restaurant. I am not familiar with the cuisine. If only I could try a variety of things at once without breaking the wallet.

Imagine my delight when we were told of an Indian buffet in San Antonio called India Palace, which is located at 8440 Fredericksburg Road, right off of Wurzbach near I-10 West.

We went to India Palace on Sunday and let me tell you, it was great. I loved the Indian music playing in the restaurant, the staff was great, always ready to clear away our used buffet plates and fill our glasses with fresh water. The food was delicious. I have discovered I am a new fan of vegetable samosas. I also enjoyed some other items from the buffet but I have since then forgotten what the items were called. Guess that means I have to go back. I'm ready!