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What do you call carbonated soft drinks? Soda? Pop? Coke?

It irks me when people call every carbonated beverage Coke, a practice that is common here in Texas. Maybe it's just me, but I get confused when asked if I want a "Coke" only to be served a Pepsi, Sprite or Dr. Pepper.

When not referring to a specific brand of a carbonated beverage, I usally use the word soda. I think the reason I use the word soda is because that is the common word used in Spanish for carbonated beverages. Well at least in my family it is.

Anway, there is a reason for me rambling on here. Someone created a Web site that discusses this same topic:

The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy

Click on the above link to see a map of the regional variations in the use of the words "Pop" and "Soda."

So what word do you use?