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I don't know what it is with me and food blogs lately, but I can't get enough of them.

One of my favorite Web sites to visit is YumSugar.

Today while browsing around I found this recipe for a sandwich featured in the movie Spanglish, starring Adam Sandler.

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The folks at have a trailer of the movie online, as well as the recipe.

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TV Dinners: Spanglish's Sandwich

"I was super excited when the movie Spanglish came out a few years ago. After all, it features two of my great loves: food and Spanish! ... the scene where Adam Sandler's character makes himself a delicious looking sandwich and pairs it with a cold glass of beer has stood out in my mind. At the time, I remember thinking, man that looks good. Little did I know that it was what the director, James L. Brooks, was going for! In his stage directions, he stated that the main character would make a snack viewers will remember and copy. In order to do so, he turned to America's most famed culinary mind, Thomas Keller, and asked him to create a sandwich that would entice the audience. Keller, who helped Sandler prepare for the movie, came up with what may be the most simple, best tasting sandwich ever: a jazzed up version of a BLT."


Recipe for Spanglish sandwich

The sandwich seems pretty easy to make, I will have to try making it one of these days (even though the only part of the sandwich I can eat right now is the bread, haha!).