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Ever wonder how much Pam Beesly, Meredith Gray or Lorelai Gilmore get paid?

Check out this article that shows us "the salaries that some of your favorite TV characters would be making if they worked in the real world."

Real-World Salaries of Your Favorite TV Characters

By Kate Lorenz, Editor

Ever notice how most TV characters dress in upscale duds and live in either gorgeous Manhattan apartments or shiny suburban McMansions? Do money trees grow in the evergreen yards of Wisteria Lane, or do those perfectly-coiffed prima donnas actually earn enough to support their luxe lifestyles? And, though we don't see much of the personal lives of characters on shows like "Cold Case" and "Law & Order," one can't help but wonder how well those hard-working public servants are compensated for keeping the streets safe.

Pam Beesly, "The Office" — Receptionist
Real-life median salary: $23,120, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Although Pam is the object of her co-workers' affections, she can rest assured that the men who love her aren't gold diggers. Luckily, she lives in a small Pennsylvania town where her petite paycheck stretches a bit further than it would if she lived in, say, Manhattan.

Denny Crane, "Boston Legal" — Partner, Law Firm
Real-life median salary: $210,000, according to

Denny's eccentric habits don't put a dent in his income, which, as the founding partner of his law firm, is likely quite substantial. With an enlarged ego to match his puffed up paycheck, Denny spends his money on cigars, scotch and women.

Betty Suarez, "Ugly Betty" — Executive Assistant
Real-life median salary: $37,810, according to the BLS

As an assistant in a notoriously low-paying media niche (fashion magazines), it's possible that Betty is taking home much less than the average salary for assistants. These fashion editorial positions do often come with perks like clothing allowances, but it's clear Betty prefers ponchos to Prada.


Dr. Meredith Grey, "Grey's Anatomy" — Surgical Resident
Real-life median salary: $37,000, according to an American Medical Association report

As one of the rare medical residents with free board (she lives in her mother's house), Meredith doesn't appear to have a lot of expenses beyond her ever-expanding tab at the local dive bar. And, with (possible) medical school loans to repay, that's a seriously good thing.


Lorelai Gilmore, "Gilmore Girls" — Inn Owner
Real-life median salary: $47,420 for a lodging manager, according to the BLS

It's tough to guess the income of an inn owner in a fictional town, but the annual median salary for a lodging manager gives us a starting point for imagining Lorelai's paycheck. Since she doesn't pay for her daughter Rory's college tuition (Rory's newly rich dad covered that), most of Lorelai's income appears to fuel her caffeine addiction.