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Image I just discovered this site today, and am addicted to it already. The site is called Fashion Under $100, and shows you where to find cute and cool clothes on the cheap.

This is a great find for me, since I'm in need of new clothes right now ,but don't want to invest too much money in buying a bunch of new clothes. (Trying to be responsible and save up some money.)

Once we get our blog postings back you can read all about why I am in dire need of  a new wardrobe, but  to make the long story short, I have lost a lot of weight within the last three months due to illness (I've lost 30 lbs. so far), and I'm still losing weight!  All of my old clothes fit me like an old paper bag, and my pants keep falling down.  If I were the third member of Kriss Kross that may work just fine and dandy,  except that  I prefer not to wear my pants backwards, although on occasion I have shown up to work with my shirt on backwards (darn Gap t-shirts and their lack of obvious labels).

I still have some of my clothes from my "skinny days" that I could probably fit into, but what fun is that ? Now that I found this site I can probably afford to buy a few items without breaking the bank.

To find more about the items in the photo, click on this link: Lindsay Lohan's look