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Image Image Image Image Canyon Lake has been a popular Hill Country destination for many in Texas. Looks like it's about to get even more popular thanks to the opening of the Canyon Gorge today. With a waiting list of six months, it's going to be the hottest place around. (Literally, have you been outside lately?)

Geological marvel open to public
By David Saleh Rauf
The Herald-Zeitung
Published October 6, 2007

Five years ago raging waters from the Guadalupe River crashed over the spillway of Canyon Dam for the first time since it filled in 1964.

Water gushed over the spillway for three days at 70,000 cubic feet per second, carving out a 64 acre gorge. Fossils, natural spring-fed pools, a fault line and dinosaur tracks from three different species have since been unearthed.

Soon after its formation, the mile-and-a-half-gorge became a hotbed for scientific and historical excavation, but it has remained closed to the public for safety reasons and to prevent damage to the scientifically valuable region.

Today centuries of geologic gems once buried beneath a valley covered in trees will be revealed to a small group as Canyon Lake Gorge opens for its first public tour.

Twenty three people, who signed up months in advance, will be led by two docents trained in geology and history of the land as they spend three hours hiking through the gorge which is covered in limestone formations dating back about 110 million years. Tours already are booked solid for the next six months.

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Geological marvel open to public

Here are some other areas in the Texas Hill Country you can visit without having to wait six months:

Canyon Dam, Overlook Park
- No fee to enter. There is a trail along the dam, and you can hike down to the lake.

Enchanted Rock - Parking and facility fee. You also may want to call ahead of time, sometimes the park closes once it reaches capacity, but will open a few hours later. The park gets busy when the weather is nice, and around the holiday season. You also may want to watch out for deer when driving at dusk around this area. We learned our lesson the hard way. (See photos above)

Ah, all of this talk of the Hill Country has reminded me of the good times had up there..road trip anyone?