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Image It has been 40 years since the blurry, shaky images of Bigfoot were first seen in the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage, taken at Bluff Creek, California on Oct. 20, 1967.

Whether you are a believer or not, you can't deny the impact the footage has had on the world of cryptozoology and our culture as a whole.

As a child I grew up believing Bigfoot lived in my back yard. It was probably due to all the crazy books about myths and legends I read while hanging out in the library instead of going to gym class. (It was legit, I had a doctor's skip gym class, not to read crazy books about Bigfoot.) Then again, I also thought E.T. was living under my bed, waiting to poke my eyes out with that creepy finger of his.

Anyway, I no longer think Bigfoot lives in my backyard, (apparently the chupacabra may be there instead) but it is interesting to read accounts of "sightings" in this area of South Texas. There was even a sighting near Coleto Creek a few years ago.

From the Bigfoot Researchers Organization, list of sightings in Texas:

Reports for Texas

And of course, no talk about Bigfoot can be without mention of the Wild Man of Navidad:

Wild Man of the Navidad: truth or tall tale? - Victoria Advocate

Wild Man of Navidad -