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Youngme/Nowme is a Web site where people post recreations of childhood photos. Sort of like a before and after with many, many years in between.

Here are a few examples:

Think I may just have to ask my mom to dig through my old childhood photos and see if she can find one I can recreate.

Don't think I'll be recreating that one of me with the Cheetos up my nose. Especially since I just took that one last week.

Challenge: Let's see how many people here in Victoria can recreate their own photos. Come on Advocate readers and reporters, you in?

Post them on your blogs, or send them to me and I'll post them here on my blog for you.

In the meantime, I will look for a photo suitable for recreation; here are some from my photo album that I won't be using:

Ah, yes, the day every kid dreams of, the day they meet Mickey Mouse at Disney World. Except in my case this was the day I met Mickey in the parking lot of the local cable company. At night. Notice the look of terror in my eyes. A magical night indeed. This is the stuff memories are made of my friends.

Kurt Cobain ain't got nothing over this kid right here. I invented the grunge look way before Pearl got their first Jam and before Seattle began percolating. Oh, and that's my newborn baby sister next to me. Check out the bags under my eyes, looks like I just finished the night shift at the paper factory.