Blogs » Digital Babble » iPhone 3G suffering poor reception?


It's been a month since Apple released the iPhone 3G, and many new iPhone owners are experiencing problems with the 3G network.

Widespread complaints about the iPhone 3G's reception have spread across the Internet in the month since Apple and AT&T released the successor to the original iPhone. The companies insist that nothing is wrong, but the complaints have been mounting through e-mails, water-cooler discussions, and message boards on Apple's own Web site: iPhone 3G users are having trouble connecting, and staying connected, to the 3G networks in their areas.

Users say the iPhone 3G will switch between 3G networks and EDGE networks even when the device is sitting still. They'll lose reception in the middle of a call while traveling through a 3G-rich environment. Friends with other 3G phones on AT&T's network are not reporting similar problems. And the issues don't appear to be confined to AT&T's network: iPhone 3G users in other countries report similar problems with their new phones.


I purchased the iPhone 3G on launch day (July 11) and have not experienced many problems with the 3G network. I have only had a handful of calls that failed to go through, but that same thing happened on my previous cellphone, a Blackberry.  I have had one dropped call, but then again, that happened also with my previous cellphones.

iPhone 3G users, have you had problems with the 3G network?