Blogs » Digital Babble » Shipping Fail: Netflix experiences worst system failure ever


Image Netflix, the online DVD rental service, sent out e-mails to its users informing of shipment delays this week. The company was not able to ship out any DVDs on Tuesday, and only a few on Wednesday. (No word yet on when Season 4 of Alf will finally reach my mailbox.)

Netflix will not reveal the source of the problem that is affecting all 55 of its shipping facilities, other than to say, "it's technological." The customer-facing Web site remains online and users can access and update their lists of requested movies, and watch previews.


"We are more frustrated than anybody else," Steve Swasey, Netflix VP Corporate Communications said. As it did after the last (and only) major shipping outage in Netflix, in March of this year, Netflix will issue a credit to affected customers, although the company has yet to determine exactly what that credit will be. [Via]

This problem with Netflix, along with the Gmail outage earlier this week which affected so many worldwide, has me wondering how much we depend on online services. It has been very convenient to be able to shop, bank, and do so many things online, but how would it affect us if these services were no longer available to us because of downtime? How many of us have ever set foot in a bank or video store lately?

Do you only rely on online services for your needs?