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Image Due to the introduction of blogs, microblogs, e-mail, instant messaging and various social networking platforms these days, are we overloaded with data?

According to an article in Computer, market research conducted by IDC indicated that by 2011 the digital universe will be 10 times the size it was in 2006.

Due to the abundance of information available to anyone at any time, it is not uncommon for many to feel overloaded.

" The idea of "information overload" has been discussed for decades, but never before has it seemed so relevant. Today, ideas and discussions are broadcast not at a prescribed time on a specific channel via a single medium, but all the time, on millions of forums, discussion groups, blogs and social networks. And they occupy a growing piece of our consciousness, thanks to RSS feeds, Twitter messages, mailing list and newsletter subscriptions, instant messaging, e-mail and Web surfing." [Via]

There are several things you can do to keep from being overwhelmed by data, such as using RSS feeds to filter the news you want to read, visiting news-aggregation sites, or by using social bookmarking sites such as Delicious. In addition, you could always go on an "information diet" and just learn when to say when and step away from the computer.

If you still are not getting a handle on your own digital pollution, you may want to read this list of 21 tips for dealing with information overload on The

Here is one tip from the list that grabbed my attention, which is difficult to do these days. Where is my Adderall? Hey look, a bird! Where was I? Anyway, here is that tip:

4. Take control. Get into the mindset that you are the master of your information. It’s really about the mindset, because I think we’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that when there are emails in our inbox, we HAVE to read them, and when there are RSS feeds in our reader, we have to read them, and when people are IMing us, we have to respond. We don’t. If there are emails or feeds in your inbox, that’s not your problem. Technology should serve us, not the other way around. We should not be at the beck and call of technology. Learn to realize that, and see that email and the other info technology are tools at our disposal, and that we should use them when we need them, and not be slaves to them.

Do you feel like you are being bombarded by information? Do you use RSS feeds or other tools to help you navigate through the digital waters?