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When I was a kid I would always wonder what technology would be like in the future. For some reason I imagined that everyone in the year 2000 would wear TV wristwatches and  talk on tiny phones installed on their shirt sleeve buttons.

I find it amusing to look back on the technology of the past and see how it was marketed as the latest and greatest. Today while browsing around on Gizmodo, I saw this old computer ad:

I like the name of this computer, it's totally groovy, man.

I'm sure twenty years from now we'll probably laugh at the notion of mp3 players and laptops. Perhaps all that technology will be combined in a tiny chip that can be implanted in your eye or something. "Can you hold on a sec? I'm watching a rerun of '90210 - The Geriatric Years' in my left eye. Pull my index finger if you want to listen to the latest Rolling Stone album (Yes, they are still around)."

If Shatner approves, it must be good!

My earliest recollection is owning this little handheld video game, I think it was called Zap. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I wish I knew what happened to it. Probably traded it for a Pound Puppy.  I also had a Speak & Spell (that voice sounded creepy!) and an Atari. Yeah, I'm old.

What was the first computer or gadget you ever owned?