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Image According to Michael Arrington of Techcrunch, we should all stop answering our voicemails because they are a waste of time:

"Voicemail is dead. Please tell everyone so they’ll stop using it.


But now an increasing number of people are just plain avoiding voicemail (for my impromptu and unscientific survey, see the comments here, which are predominantly anti-voicemail). It takes much longer to listen to a message than read it. And voicemail is usually outside of our typical workflow, making it hard to forward or reply to easily.

Typical voicemail messages today include things like “Please don’t leave me a voicemail, I rarely listen to them. Please just email me at” Many people don’t bother setting up their voicemail accounts at all. Then there’s my favorite method, the one I use personally - let the message box get full and then don’t empty it. Caller ID still tells me who called, and I can simply call them back."

While it is common for e-mail to be used more frequently than voicemail in this day and age, I don't believe voicemail should be ruled out just yet. Not everyone in the business world is sitting at a computer at all times and is able to send out e-mails. Sure they can send out a text, but when they have to send you some detailed information (and are texting impaired, like myself), it probably would be faster to leave a voicemail.

When it comes to personal use, I much rather receive text messages or e-mails. Sometimes I'm not always in a place where I can listen to voicemails or hear them, so a quick glance at an incoming text messaging is preferred.

Do you prefer receiving voicemails or text and emails?