Blogs » Digital Babble » iPhone 3G, not up to speed?


It's been almost two weeks since the initial launch of the iPhone 3G and new iPhone owners have been experiencing issues with AT&T's network.

According to an article on, many users are "complaining about poor coverage and dropped calls, and about advice from customer service representatives to turn off the 3G connection to prevent the problems--thereby taking away the primary reason most of them bought the thing."

I'm working on my own "slacker's review" of the new iPhone 3G which I will posting later this week, and have noticed a bit of lag time when browsing on the Internet on the iPhone. In addition, I have also noticed that the network on the phone will intermittently switch from 3G to Edge. However, I have not experienced any dropped calls or other transmission issues when making calls. So in regards to using the iPhone as a phone, I have not experienced any problems.

Sometimes I forget that this device is after all a cellphone, in addition to being a neat gadget with downloadable apps that enable you to use Jedi powers to defend your honor, or instantly liven up any conversation by adding more cowbell.

(This post needs more cowbell.)