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Britain's Got Talent is a television show on Britain's ITV dedicated to searching for the best talent act in Britain. The show is full of performances by singers, dancers, comedians, and all sorts of other talents. There is also an American version of the show, America's Got Talent.  Simon Cowell is one of the judge's on the British version of the show. I think David Hasselhoff is one of the judges on the American version. No joke.

I've never seen an episode of either version, until this weekend, when for who knows for what reason I found a clip of the finale of Britain's Got Talent. For all I know I probably started out by watching videos of dancing cats which then led me to the video posted in this blog.

The video is a performance by one of the show's finalists, Signature. The finale was on May 31, and sadly, Signature didn't win. But do check out their performance, it's pretty awesome.

In case you were wondering, the winner of Britain's Got Talent was George Sampson, a 14-year old dancer. After watching the background reel on Sampson and his final performance, if Signature wasn't going to win, I'm happy Sampson won.

Here is a link to George Sampson's performance: Britain's Got Talent - George Sampson