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I thought it would be great to bring some recognition to the members of our online community for their insightful, thought-provoking, or even humorous comments on the forums or blogs. I will try to highlight a few commenters each week.

In the future maybe I can provide something more than just a mention on my blog, but in the meantime, I hope this will suffice. (Unless someone wants a paw-autographed photo of my cat Mango, I'm sure something can be arranged.)

Here are my top five four comments of the week. In no particular order, they are:

For his informative and helpful comments on my blog:

swbones  on Friday, Nov 14 - "What Programs do you have? I am not a gamer so I don't have issues there.  Open office 3.0 has all the office products I use and then some.  Open Projects replaces MS Projects, there is an Open CAD program I use that replaced Auto-Cad. Sound, video, web cam, skype and all the chat programs. Email, MS Money, I have found a direct replacement for them all. Some even use the data files straight out of Micro-junk.
I have three computers running Ubuntu 8.04. Dell, HP and a Gateway.  A gentlemen I know has a Dell XPS, I have a Studio, inside they are the same, 2 hard drives, 2.5 duo, 800mhz buss and 4 gigs of ram.  I can run more apps and flip pictures as fast as you can click the mouse.  Just kills him, LOL.

One other advantage of Linux, viruses are not your problem. 100% free of micro-junk and open source.  All on a PC platform.

For being informative and showing an effort to bring together the community:
Ringlitz on Tuesday, Nov. 11 - "Ticket INFORMATION: ALL tickets are "general admission." Get IN LINE tomorrow morning at 8:30 sharp- they will go FAST! Reserved seating-is NOT an option and ticket holders do NOT have special presidence at this weeks game... FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! FYI-The viper football booster club is one step ahead of the game! They have been in contact with approximately 60 business thru-out Victoria and marquee support is going up as we speak! Even the BIG digital sign at Mockingbird and Main will show support for the Vipers! Wait till you see this!!! I'm excited about the "spirit line"- I knew Coach would say "YES" "

And the last two comments conjured up images that made me laugh so much I nearly cracked a rib. Unfortunately I can't even try to explain, so I will use my super mad skills in MS Paint and Internet browsing to try and describe them.

victorianbybirth comment on Friday,     Nov. 14 - "Oh that name is misleading. I
guess CJ & the gang are preparing us for whats to come."


PodunkTX comment on Friday, Nov 14 - "How is it funny that Bundy disappeared? He constantly spoke the truth, which means he was probably banned by CJ and her happy rainbow squad of flowers... after being investigated by VicAd and found to be a chupacabra with human hands and pirhana teeth who didn't beat the proper bible."

Thanks again everyone for your great comments and have a great weekend!