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Subscribe recently listed five gadgets that "were killed by the cell phone." Listed among the graveyard of tech were:

  1. PDA
  2. Camera
  3. UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC)
  4. Phone
  5. MP3 Player
And the article then also targeted the notebook:

It will take some time, but it's easy to imagine the cellphone completely replacing the laptop for mobile use. Sure, we might keep one at home for work, but the cellphone already does most of what our notebooks do. We can listen to music, play movies and use the internet. One day, those big old, battery-sucking computers will be an amusing relic. [Via:]

I looked over that list and compared it to my current gadget stockpile.

Back in the day I first sported a Palm OS PDA. As the years went by I purchased two other PDAs, one Linux based, and the other had Microsoft Windows Mobile. I have no idea where those PDAs are. I think I gave one to a family member and the other two are collecting dust somewhere.

I have owned two different digital cameras over the last five years. I rarely used both of them, so I have also given those away to family. Same goes for my iPod, which I gave to my sibling. (My family really loves my gadget obsession.)

Now that I have an iPhone, I have everything I need in one gadget. If I need to take a quick snapshot, listen to music, or keep track of an appointment or e-mail, it's all in one place. Now if only I could teach it to cook for me. How about it, science?

Have your gadgets gone by the wayside because of your cell phone?