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Happy Friday! It's that time where I choose the week's best comments. Comments are chosen for a variety of reasons- informative content, constructive debate or humor.

Until the TV networks pick up my idea for a show about cats working in an IT department, your compensation for this week is this photo of MacGyver: 

Thanks for your comments!
Thanks for your comments!

Here are the comments of the week:

From CTrain7 on Suggestions for school names welcome
I like Ball Airport Elementary School. Sounds classy, makes sense. Ball Airport Elementary: Flyers, or Jets.

(East High school): Foster Field High School: The Aviators

(West High School):"River Oaks" or River Ranch High (School): The Rangers

Not sure about Lone Tree Elementary? Maybe just Lone Tree Elementary School? The Mustangs

From Riverboat on the blog post Favorite dining place in Victoria?
Not only can you get good pizza at Nikki's, if you meet the owner you can get an Italian lesson that's well worth the price of a meal.

Here's is list of options you can follow if you're swearing off home-cooked meals:

Breakfast  -  1. One (or two) sausage biscuits at McDonald's with a cup of their coffee. It'll wake you up long enough to sit through three hours of inservice. Believe me. It's teacher-tested; 2. .Ramsey's. Ask for the special of the day; 3. Pick up a bacon/egg taco at Pico de Gallo (Rio Grande) or Guerra's (Ben Wilson).

Lunch - 1. Tamale plate at Ventura's (Rio Grande);   2. That fish place on Navarro (not P.J.'s, although I've never complained about their food). Order three fish planks, tops. They're big.

Dinner - 1. El Rodeo at the old bus depot on Navarro and Rio Grande. Order the cheese enchiladas with beans and rice which runs under six bucks. You'll get enough cheese to choke subway rats up and down New Yawk; 2. Maggie's on Stockbauer. Order whatever;  3. Chili's (Navarro) serves great burgers, but substitute corn-on-the-cob for French fries and you won't complain about having to floss after brushing;  4. That Cajun joint on Rio Grande/Houston Highway serves a five-dollar bowl of gumbo that'll make you sing the praises of the Louisiana Purchase.

dessert - Marble Slab. 'Nuf said.

From RedRage00 on Cougars end Vipers' season
First, Clark never played Judson.

2nd, I am speaking as an outsider because I only saw one Viper game this season and it was pretty bad. So I can't really speak on the coaching because I did not see more than one game. But the facts I do know show that Finley has improved the program. The Vipers were 1-9 in their last season with Campbell and are now 5-5. That is an improvement right there whether you like Finley or not. Campbell left the program in shambles and we will never know how much Finley could have done because he only has 1 more season before we go back to 2 high schools. I never expected Finley to turn the program around in just 2 seasons after the way Campbell left it.

From ErnieCash on Additional classes unnecessary
These aren't my real legs. I hitched a ride over here on a chicken....

Ernie "Groucho" Cash

Thanks to everyone who participated in our online community by posting on our blogs and discussion forums. I would like to thank you all.

Have a great weekend!