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I am constantly amazed at the amount and variety of iPhone apps that can be found, so here are a few that have caught my eye.

SnapTell Explorer
Have you even been shopping in a store and wondered if you could find a better deal on books, music or games online? After taking a photo of the product with your camera, SnapTell will look up the price of the item, along with links to online retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I tested out this app and it was fairly accurate. (Free download in App Store.)

Dual Level
I don't think I will be using this to build a house, but Dual Level will come in handy if you need to align picture frames, bookcases or whatever else needs straightening up. Using the iPhone's accelerometer, calibration is available for vertical, horizontal and face-up orientations on the device. When I first downloaded this app, it was free, but it is now available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Totally addictive app. Ever wanted to find out the name of a song on the radio or a TV commercial? Have a song in your head but can't remember the name of it? Midomi will help find that song, play a sample of it for you and even provide information for you to purchase the song online. The first time I used it I was waiting in line at some drive-through window, heard a song, opened up Midomi and was able to find the song in less than a minute. You can sing or hum a song, hold up your iPhone to a speaker for it to "grab" the song, or you can say a lyric or song title and Midomi does the searching. It's also fun to try singing a song and seeing how close (or way off) the search is. Guess it all depends  on your singing voice. (Free download in App Store.)

What are some of your favorite iPhone apps?