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Image As you relax in your homes after that crazy rush experienced this Black Friday, iPhone owners can still take advantage of great online deals. The App Store has many iPhone apps that are listed for free or at a reduced price.

From Lifehacker:
iPhone only: Dozens of iPhone application are free from the iTunes App Store. While the main App Store page makes absolutely no mention of the promotion, by using the application indexer at AppShopper you can search through the free applications. Some of the applications are silly, some look rather useful, but you can't look a free application in the pixels and complain. In addition, AppShopper has a price change monitor, so you can keep an eye on applications which may not be free but have be discounted heavily for Black Friday.

Here is the link to AppShopper:

Be sure to double-check the prices in the App Store before installing. Make sure you are indeed installing a free app.

Happy downloading!

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