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Twitter has been gaining momentum for a while now, and now that Oprah is on Twitter, I expect to see more signing up for the service.

On Friday Oprah had a segment on Twitter, and I was sure this was going to cause massive sightings of the 'fail whale', but it seems the techs at Twitter were prepared:

[Source: PC]

Oprah's Effect on Twitter Twitter has yet to release any official data about usage in the hours following Oprah's entrance on Friday. Other companies, however, have begun looking at what actually happened with the site's performance. Web performance measuring company AlertSite compared availability and average response time of the Twitter home page this past weekend with the rest of April. Its analysts found no significant difference in the site's responsiveness on Friday or Saturday compared to past days. The only post-Oprah slow-down came on Sunday, though that may have very well been the result of a typical technical issue. ... So what to make of this? Either Oprah's tweeting didn't cause Twitter's traffic to jump much (at least within the first few days), or Twitter had prepared for a boost and was ready to absorb a wave of new activity. The latter explanation has more support: Unscientific estimates put the number of new users signing up in the post-Oprah days anywhere from 500,000 to 1.2 million. Those figures come from looking at the progression of user ID numbers assigned to new accounts. Those numbers may or may not be completely sequential, but they can at least provide some sort of rough framework.

If you missed the show, here is a clip of Oprah talking to the co-founder of Twitter:

[Source: YouTube]

So for those of you on Twitter, what do you think of celebrities on Twitter, will you follow them?

If you aren't on Twitter, would you sign up to follow a celebrity?