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You have probably noticed the blogs filling up our site with titles like, "online casino links," "web hosting tips," or "male skin care" (what?). Those entries are nothing but links to online advertisers or other blogs that promote products.

These are spam blogs and our spamtastic web team has been hard at work setting up a system to prevent future blogs of this type.

We hope to have this resolved soon and our staff is doing their spambest to remove the blogs as soon as they spamappear. We appreciate your spampatience as we work on this issue. Currently there is not a way to report blogs, but if you see a spam blog and want to let us know about it, send us a message at

Is the spam bumming you out? Maybe this video I posted will cheer you up. (It's on YouTube. For you all poor souls behind corporate firewalls, be sure to watch it at home.)

Thanks for your spamtime,

CJ "not a spammer" Castillo