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I just wanted to dedicate time to recognize some of the great blog entries that have been contributed to this site.

It's not just anyone who can post a blog entry that contains deep feeling and emotion, it takes a special talent, not to mention courage. I know it isn't easy, publishing your writings for all the world to see. You don't have to write or post, but you do. And for that we thank you. (We also thank you for putting up with the spam bloggers flooding the place.)

Enough of my ramblings, here are some blogs posted within the last week you should not miss:

Ode to the unsung heroes...classroom teachers by RUKIDDINGME

Goodbye Mr. T by darlins64

Bottom of the Ninth by Riverboat

Another way to start the day! by Ringer

New Restaurant in town by Roy

Cell Phone Lies by Justamom

Mental Breaks... by coolgranny

The Music Died The Other Day by joseexist

Got Meteorite? by Rebecca

Time. Place. Manners. by lastsignal