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Technology changes quickly. And these days not only do we have to keep up with the latest gadgets and software, but we also have to keep up with all the tech lingo. Dig?

BusinessWeek has a list of "12 Words You Can Never Say in the Office." So put away your Beanie Babies and bottles of Zima, sit back, relax and read the list:

12 Words You Can Never Say in the Office
by Carolyn Duffy Marsan
provided by BusinessWeek

  1. Intranet
  2. Extranet
  3. Web Surfing
  4. Push Technology
  5. Application Service Provider (ASP)
  6. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
  7. Internet Telephony
  8. Weblog
  9. Thin Client
  10. Rboc
  11. Long-Distance Call
  12. World Wide Web

[Source: - 12 Words You Can Never Say in the Office]

You can click on the link above to read the entire article with reasons why you shouldn't use each word.

Here are a few words included in the list and the reasons why we shouldn't use them.

Web Surfing - When is the last time you heard someone talk about surfing the Web? You know the term is out of date when your kids don't know what it means. To teens and tweens, the Internet and the World Wide Web are one and the same thing. So it's better to use the term "browsing" the Web if you want to be understood.

World Wide Web - Nobody talks about the "World Wide Web" anymore, or the "Information Superhighway," for that matter. It's just the Internet. It's a distinction that Steve Czaban, the popular Fox Sports Radio talk show host, likes to mock when he refers to the "Worldwide Interweb." Nothing dates you more than pulling out one of those old-fashioned ways of referring to the Internet such as "infobahn" or "electronic highway."

Weblog - A blog is a shortened version of "Weblog," a term that emerged in the late 1990s to describe commentary that an individual publishes online. It spawned many words still in use such as "blogger" and "blogosphere." Nowadays, few people have time to blog so they are "microblogging," which is another word that's heading out the door as people turn Twitter into a generic term for blasting out 140-character observations or opinions

Talk to you later cats, I've got a long distance call to make now that I've updated my weblog. Question: Where can I find a payphone? Nevermind, I'll just tweet it.