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Twitter. By now many of us are familiar with the micro-blogging, 140 characters or less, social media site that you either love, hate or just don't get.

Well on Friday a group of Twitter users joined together for one of the first "tweetups" in Victoria. We all met at the Hardback Cafe. Many thanks to Hastings and the staff at the Hardback for letting us meet there.

A tweetup is a meeting of Twitter users. Tweetups are pretty common in larger cities, so I was curious as to how many would show up to one in Victoria. I figured it would be me, my cat Mango, and whoever else I could drag over from the book section in Hastings.

Contrary to popular belief, a tweetup is not a meeting where everyone is just sitting behind their laptops,notebooks, mobile phones, etc., tweeting to each other, avoiding eye contact and not talking. Don't get me wrong, some tweeting is involved, but usually it's limited to people tweeting photos of said tweetup.

Well to my pleasant surprise, we had about 25 people attend, which is not too shabby for the size of this town.

The purpose of a tweetup, is to have a chance to meet with other users on Twitter, to actually meet face to face and communicate in person. From what I saw, it seemed everyone had a good time talking and visiting with each other.

Photos from Friday's tweetup:



I'm posting more photos here on the Victoria Tweetup blog I set up on

If you were at the tweetup, you can also send in your pics to the blog. Email your photos to The subject line of the email will be the heading of the photo, and you can include a text description in the body of the message. Once your photo is approved it will appear on this site.

I'm in the process of organizing another tweetup in the future, hope to see you there!

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