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I like turtles. Om Nom Nom. Three wolf moon.

No, I haven't lost my mind and started rambling nonsense words. (But stay tuned for that.) Actually, Om Nom Nom, Three Wolf Moon and "I like turtles" are all part of famous Internet memes that have probably made it to your inbox or Facebook page at some point in time.

Internet memes are videos, photos or phrases that spread quickly on the Internet, and sometimes make the leap into the mainstream. Rickroll, anyone?

From meme to you

Anyway, the reason I even bring this topic up is because today posted a video from The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies that explains the phenomenon of Om Nom Nom.

Other popular memes
Here are some memes you may have seen floating around on the Internet.

Three Wolf Shirt
More info: Three Wolf Moon: T-Shirt Becomes Overnight Internet Sensation
Video from Rocketboom:

Keyboard Cat
More info: 'Keyboard Cat' Phenomenon Spreads on Web, TV
Video from Rocketboom:

When memes collide
Three Wolf Moon + Keyboard Cat = Awesome
Chicago Tribune: Three Keyboard Cat Moon T-shirt: Threadless can’t keep it in stock


Play me off, Keyboard Cat!