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It's baaaack! Here is a return to my comment of the week post.

There are so many insightful and informative comments posted on the forums, I wish I could list them all, but for today I have picked six.

My budget is low this week, spent it all on PopTarts and cough drops, so our featured commenters will receive a virtual Dundie award. (A reference to The Office, for all you fans out there.)

Here are the featured comments, in no particular order:

The story about recycling, Queen of Green, garnered many comments about recycling.

Here's a post made by justbeachy with helpful information for those interested in recycling electronics:

 Office Depot allows you to purchase a box for $5 to $15 depending on size, fill it up with accepted electronics, and return the unopened box to the store – they’ll take it from there. The small fees charged are to help cover their costs of shipping and such. (Read entire comment)

And from the same discussion thread we saw more tips from KimberlyKrueger in her comment:

Even if green living isn't on your radar screen, make it your mission to at least learn the basics. Eco-friendly tips like Reusable Containers to Pack Kids’ Lunches, Choose Environmentally Friendly School Supplies and Reuse Old Ones, Get 2 or 3 of your friends next door to do a back yard veggie garden to share veggies, raised beds work great.. (Read entire comment)

Many woke up on Tuesday in anticipation of a free Grand Slam breakfast meal from Denny's. A comment posted by N45BA provided some interesting stats on the meals provided by the restaurant:

The figures were something like 15,000,000 meals given away at cost which equated to $5,000,000.00. Then they figured in a guess on the amount of coffee, orange juice, and other things patrons may have bought and when it was all done, figured that Denny's spent roughly $500,000.00 for some of the greatest advertising a company could get.

The story about fake check scams provided great security tips posted by some of our commenters:

Usually when we buy online, we only buy from merchants who accept paypal. It's a lot easier to keep track of our spending by using one pay service. We once got an email that we had won an item on ebay, $645, and they just needed to verify the credit card information we provided. Don't think so buddy!(Read entire comment)

Best practice - If anyone contacts you looking for personal information, never, ever give it to them. Whether it's over the phone or the web. Respectable banks and or businesses won't do it ever.

If you buy something online always look for the following on the checkout page when you are paying:
1) In the address bar you should see the standard https://
-Note the "s" after http. Thats a good thing!
2) You should see a little yellow lock in the bottom right corner of the web page you are on.

If you don't have both, buy from someone else that has a secure website. No matter who they are or what they say.
(Read entire comment)

And finally, the comments by JeffWilliams on a story about the homeless provided some insight on the Family Promise program:

Homelessness in Victoria and throughout the country is on the rise. We have a group here in Victoria, Family Promise, that is trying to implement a program to assist temporarily homeless families. (Read more of his comments here)

Thanks to everyone for your comments and have a great weekend!