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Image Our web department has been working diligently on our new Web site design and we expect this new site to go live the last week of March or the first week of April.

We are all excited about this redesign, and I think many of you will like the changes that are coming. Before we launch our new site I will blog about the new features that will be included, and will share images and screenshots from our new design.

For all of you who have created profiles on our current site, here are a few things to keep in mind and I will blog about these changes again as a reminder:

  • Your username will stay the same and transfer over to the new site, but you will be required to change your password on the new Web site.

  • All of your blogs and blog comments will transfer over to the new Web site.

  • Article comments posted on our current Web site will not transfer to the new site.

  • As of now, your avatar/profile photos may not transfer over to the new site. If you have an avatar you are using and want to use, I would suggest saving it to your computer, you can attach it to your profile on our new site.
If you have any questions about our redesign, feel free to send me your questions at or post them here in my comment section.