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Image Do you still have a home phone? With more people using cell phones as their primary means of communication, several are cutting the cord on their home phones (landlines).

The economy may also be a factor for some when deciding to ditch their landlines. Why pay for a service you never use?

A report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics said for the first time Americans are spending more for cellphones than landlines. The report said 55 percent of all consumer telephone expenses in 2007 were for cellphones, while landlines accounted for 43 percent, with the remaining 2 percent went mostly to pagers and phone cards.

"People growing up now, many of them have never bought a landline," said Carl Howe, director of Anywhere Consumer Research at The Yankee Group in Boston. "But they often don't own houses. They tend to be out more. As that group ages into a demographic with homes, kids in school, carpooling, they may change their mind. The younger demographic just doesn't see the need. They consider it quaint." [Source: The Boston Globe]

In addition to using cellphones, many are turning to VoIP (Internet phone services) like Vonage or Skype.

I'm working on a story about this topic and if you dropped your landline in favor of your cell phone or VoIP, I'd like to talk to you. You can contact me at or at 580-6516.